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Rasa Super Mega Sampler Pack

Try our full line! 4 servings of each of our delicious, superfunctional coffee alternatives, for a full month of smooth, steady energy that sustains and uplifts. Sustainable & ethically sourced, & formulated by our clinical herbalist. Happy sipping! 😌
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Nine Delicious Flavors. One Box.

Searching for a little variety? Not sure what to try first? We gotchu, boo! The Super Mega Sampler Pack gives you the chance to savor each of our superfunctional coffee alternatives.

Enjoy each blend solo or tap into your inner alchemist and mix them together for a custom treat!*

  1. Original to enjoy calm, smooth energy & the classic, roasty Rasa taste. 
  2. Dirty to serve you up coffee without the crashes.
  3. Cacao to pamper your sweet self with a heart-opening, luxurious treat. 
  4. Bold to boost energy, cognition, focus, & flow.
  5. Calm to chillax anytime of day without sedation.
  6. Elderberry Boost to support your body & spirit through the seasons 
  7. Spicy Rose Cacao to turn up the more pleasurable, sensual qualities of life 
  8. Super Happy Sunshine to chase away cloudy moods with sunshine in a cup.
  9. Créme de la Creamer for a hydrating, replenishing, frothy pairing with any Rasa.

* Our go-to combos: Dirty + Cacao; Calm + Super Happy Sunshine; Elderberry + Original; Spicy Rose + Bold

The Super Mega Rasa Sampler Pack Includes:

🌿 36 delicious servings of adaptogen-packed Rasa
🌿 Delivered in (9) 1 oz packets
🌿 Each packet makes (4) 8-oz cups of Rasa, so you can see which Rasa(s) you like best! (and the creamer makes 4 8-oz cups of Rasa creamy, obvs, because that's what creamer does.)

Your Boo or Bestie Need a Lift?

We can't think of a better way to say “Hey, you’re my favorite human and I love you” than with a tasty adaptogenic herbal bundle that tastes and feels as nourishing as your friendship. That's cheesy but so are we. 

* Please note: This product cannot be returned or exchanged. Sampler Pack contents may vary subject to product availability.

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Customer Reviews
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A Rasa Customer
Stephanie B.
United States United States
Not as delicious as I had hoped

I found the tea to be bitter. I’m not a fan. And it’s messy.


Hi Stephanie! How are you brewing your Rasa? And what are you adding to it? We definitely recommend adding your favorite creamer, it really balances out the bitterness (just like coffee!). And it shouldn't be any messier than coffee - check out our brewing page at www.wearerasa.com/brewing for brewing tips, maybe a different brewing method will work better for you!

Gregory L.
United States United States

I just ordered a good French Press to see if I can brew something more palatable, so the jury is out for now. At this point, using an Aeropress, it is too difficult to brew and ends up tasting like too-strong Postum.


A french press will get you a wonderful brew and also a lovely daily ritual. You can also check out our brewing page at www.wearerasa.com/brewing for more ways to brew. Are you adding anything to your Rasa? We definitely recommend adding your favorite creamer! Also, which blend(s) have you tried so far? They all taste different, so definitely try them all and I'm sure you'll find at least one favorite - there's a blend for every palate! Please report back, we'd love to help you find your perfect cup!