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Calm Energy Coffee Detox

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How much energy do you have throughout your day?


I feel like a rockstar and am buzzing with energy all damn day.


I have plenty of energy, but it’s probably due to all the coffee I’m drinking.


I’m a rollercoaster, baby. My energy is all over the place!


Energy? I have 27 herbs in my pantry to help me with that...

Calm Energy Coffee Detox

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How do you feel after drinking coffee? (with caffeine)


I feel calm and energized, like the best version of myself.


That depends, what herbs am I mixing with the coffee?


I feel focused and clear, but sometimes I get a bad case of the jitters.


The coffee with caffeine makes me jittery and anxious.

Calm Energy Coffee Detox

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How would you describe your relationship with being healthy?


I’m a health nut and I am one-upping myself to be as healthy as possible.


I’d like to be healthier, but who has the time? There are so many things.


I devote some time to my health, but I'd like to be doing more.


I enjoy improving my health and I look for new ways to do it.

Calm Energy Coffee Detox

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How much knowledge do you have about adaptogens?




I’m a total #adaptofan and always using them to elevate my health!


I’ve heard of the whole adaptogens thing. I’d love to learn more...


I’m familiar with them but I’d rather be listening to my favorite podcast.

Calm Energy Coffee Detox


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Super Happy Sunshine


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Expand into deeper joy with ethically-sourced herbs

☀️ Limited Edition ☀️

“Bright, uplifting, tastes how a sunny day feels. Beguiling complexity with a subtle pepper flavor under a tinge of sunny lemon.”
- Lopa, CEO & Founder of Rasa

Super Happy Sunshine will help your system…

  • Support neurotransmitters like serotonin & dopamine
  • Access sustainable energy without a mood crash
  • Slow down, feel your feelings, expand into a wider spectrum of joy

Looking for the Joy Playlist? Get vibin' with these sunshine-laden jams


adaptogens for joy

Among a handful of powerhouse herbs, Super Happy Sunshine Joy Tonic features the bright yellow flowers of helichrysum, sunny lemon balm, and the ethically-sourced succulent sceletium.

We acquire our sceletium through a supplier that ensures the South African Sān tribes are formally recognized & honored through a revenue sharing agreement.

Sceletium has been traditionally used to help Sān warriors returning from battle to release the fear and tension carried from the battlefield. We feel so privileged & excited to include it in our blend!

Learn More About Sceletium


mood boosting adaptogens

Citrus lemon top notes play on an earthy base spliced with added hints of roasted cacao sweetness that finishes with spicy wild grains of paradise.


adaptogens for happiness

Adaptogenic herbs help support you in opening up to a greater level of levity and relief. Our clinical herbalist Ben says the blend helps him “feel my feelings, so I can lighten my emotional stuckness & be present to moments of joyful connection.”

Not feeling the Super Happy Joy-Joy yet?  All bodies are different—try doubling down with 2 cups!

Here's what people have been saying: 

"I have tried all the Rasa blends and this is so far my absolute favorite! It’s bright but not too acidic, mellow yet still flavorful- everything I never knew I wanted in my warm morning drink. AND I notice when I drink it regularly I’m super chipper. Love love LOVE joy tonic!!" - Daisy S. 

“I wake up each morning knowing that I have this soothing, uplifting, energizing and nourishing drink to look forward to." – Tiffany D.

" Every new RASA product gets betterLemony, chocolaty, and with all the love of original RASA. This new RASA flavor has got me singing "I've got sunshine on a cloudy day..." -  Teresa H.

" SO YUMMY! I honestly had doubts that this combo would be something I enjoy. But I NEED some super happy sunshine in my life right now so I jumped. It is so good. I make it into a latte every day in the early afternoon and it is just what I need - no afternoon "slump" - good energy and a better attitude. Drinking it is like a little hug to myself. The taste is surprising and delicious - unlike anything I've ever had. If you're on the fence, don't be - order some right now!" - Lacie H.


Notice: Do not use this product if you are taking antidepressant or anti-anxiety medications, including SSRIs. Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Not recommended for hypothyroid patients. Consult your healthcare provider if you have a medical condition.


Sceletium 2:1 extract 15mg: Used traditionally for deepening social connection and a sense of well-being, this plant is now attracting the attention of modern science for its ability to support healthy serotonin levels.

Mucuna 10:1 extract (40% L-dopa) 200mg: This traditional Ayurvedic plant is high in L-dopa, a natural precursor to dopamine, one of our feel-good neurotransmitters.

Lemon Balm 10:1, 100mg + Lemon Myrtle: These powerful and tasty aromatics help loosen stuck tension in the body and spirit, relaxing and uplifting us.

Rhodiola 4:1 extract 100mg: Perhaps the most studied and effective adaptogen for elevating mood.

Full Ingredient List: 
Cacao*, chicory*, burdock*, lemon myrtle*, fig*, shatavari*, grains of paradise, dandelion*, he shou wu*, codonopsis*, lemon balm 10:1 extract, mucuna 10:1 extract (40% L-dopa), cinnamon*, eleuthero*, rhodiola 4:1 extract*, helichrysum*, sceletium tortuosum extract (Zembrin®), <1% malto and cassava dextrin

1 Tablespoon of Rasa + 8 oz Cup of fully boiling water Brew 10-15+ mins in a french press

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Not feeling the Super Happy Joy-Joy yet?
All bodies are different—try doubling down with 2 cups!