Rasa Immunity Pack
Rasa Immunity Pack
Rasa Immunity Pack
Rasa Immunity Pack
Rasa Immunity Pack
Rasa Immunity Pack
Rasa Immunity Pack
Rasa Immunity Pack
Rasa Immunity Pack
Rasa Immunity Pack
Rasa Immunity Pack
Rasa Immunity Pack

Rasa Immunity Pack

Time to boost your immunity! These blends are deliciously warming, and distinctly soothing. Support your system, and experience deep rest, deliciously. This sampler makes a great addition to your morning ritual whenever you want to fortify yourself against the season 🤗🧡💙🤍

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Bold - 0 mg caffeine
Roasted burdock*, roasted chicory*, roasted dandelion*, roasted cacao*, shatavari*, codonopsis*, eleuthero*, he shou wu*, eleuthero extract*, cordyceps fruiting body extract*‡, lion's mane fruiting body extract*‡, schisandra extract*, ceylon cinnamon*, rhodiola extract*, gynostemma extract*, shilajit, chaga mycelium*, & <1% cassava dextrin*

CALM - 0 mg caffeine 
New Formula! Roasted chicory*, roasted date seed*, roasted fig*, roasted burdock*, roasted cacao*, cured rehmannia extract, ashwagandha extract (sensoril)*, ceylon cinnamon*, jujube fruit extract, vanilla bean*, jujube seed extract*, reishi fruiting body extract*‡, & <1% maltodextrin*

Golden Chai Recovery Tonic - 0 mg caffeine
Roasted chicory*, roasted burdock*, saigon cinnamon*, roasted date seed*, shatavari*, codonopsis*, ginger*, roasted dandelion*, eleuthero*, turmeric extract (bcm-95®), cardamom*, vanilla bean*, cloves*, black pepper*, boswellia extract (aqualox®), <1% maltodextrin, & gum acacia

Créme de la Creamer - 0 mg caffeine
Oat milk powder*** (oats*, coconut oil*), coconut milk powder* (coconut milk*, tapioca maltodextrin*), mct oil powder* (mct oil*, acacia fiber*), tremella mushroom fruiting body extract*†, american ginseng extract, l-theanine, & amla extract*

*All certified organic, non-GMO, obsessively sustainable, ✨🌿 & blessed by grassfed unicorns 🦄 **
**Unicorns have not been approved by the FDA
*** Gluten-free & non-gmo
† Hot water extract
‡ Hot water/alcohol dual extract

We’re in the process of updating a few of our ingredients to deliver an even better product with better bioavailability and herbal potency for your sweet body. We’re doing our best to reflect the currently-shipping-version of the product here on this page. That said, fulfillment is not an exact science, so to follow along, we’ve created this handy tracker that details everything that is being updated and our best estimate of when those products will be shipping. Questions? Hit us up at hey@wearerasa.com

We think you’re going to love Rasa—so many people do! Didn't like it? If you haven't already, try it with your favorite creamer. If it is still not your cup of Rasa, we have you covered under our Standard Refund Policy.

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Bolster Your Immunity, Deliciously

It’s sniffle season, and Rasa’s got your back. While all of our blends will give your system some lovin’, this delicious assortment packs an immune-boosting punch.

What began as limited-edition recipes quickly turned into forever-family blends. The Immunity Pack offers 1ozs of a few of our ahhh-mazing favorites that will become your new go-to fix when you need a little something extra:

Golden Chai Recovery Tonic for post-exercise recovery, overall vitality, and the coziest cup of delightful deliciousness. Potent and bio-available turmeric and invigorating chai spices in this blend are packed with antioxidants that support our health. Drink Golden for inflammatory support after any kind of exercise—hike, yoga, CrossFit, however you do!

Bold Adaptogen Energy Tonic to boost energy, cognition, focus, & flow. Many of the potent adaptogens in Bold, like rhodiola and eleuthero, are known immune tonics in the cultures they come from. For example, rhodiola tea or tincture is drunk throughout the cold and wet Siberia winters as part of a health regiment. Potent, robust, & smooth complex taste that happily rivals coffee.

Calm Chill Tonic to chillax anytime of day without sedation. This blend boasts a potent dose of ashwagandha, an adaptogen known for its immunomodulating action. One way ashwagandha supports our immunity is by balancing our stress and lowering cortisol, our stress hormone. Less stress means more sleep and more energy available for maintaining health. Rich, heady vanilla-date taste.

Créme de la Creamer for a hydrating, replenishing, frothy pairing with any Rasa. American ginseng is an excellent adaptogen for supporting immunity. It has been shown to enhance the activity and number of immune cells, like our natural killer (NK) cells.

The Immunity Pack Includes:

12 delicious servings of Rasa!
Delivered in (3) 1 oz packets
Each packet makes (4) 8-oz cups of Rasa
PLUS 4 servings of our Creamer

Gift a best friend your favorite blend!

You know that giddy sense of accomplishment when you give someone a gift they love…that actually improves their lives? Well, if you haven’t done so recently, it’s amazing, and you should try it. Starting with this Immunity Pack!

* Please note: This product cannot be returned or exchanged.

Notice: Not intended for use during pregnancy. Consult your healthcare provider if you are taking medication or have a medical condition. 

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Pouring Rasa from a French press

How To Brew

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Each pack has 4 servings. I really loved the Relax with a dash of Italian sweet cream creamer. The Bold gave me a much needed boost without the jitters. All the flavors were delightful and so much better than I thought mushroom coffee would be.


Small sizes but great product.

Brett W. (California, United States)
Pouches and reports

#1 once you open the packets that can't be sealed, but most importantly how do I really know the amount of mushroom you put in each packet.

Melinda K. (California, United States)

I absolutely love the rasa bold and calm.