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Super Happy Sunshine

 (Super Happy) Sunshine for your cloudy days. With 3400 mgs of adaptogens, this citrusy tonic supports neurotransmitters (serotonin & dopamine), sparking your inner light and inherent vivacity. It’s packed with powerhouse herbs like the bright yellow flowers of helichrysum, sunny lemon balm, and ethically-sourced succulent Sceletium—and complemented with sweet, earthy notes that taste like a warm, sunny day.🌞
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Sceletium 2:1 extract 15mg: Used traditionally for deepening social connection and a sense of well-being, this plant is now attracting the attention of modern science for its ability to support healthy serotonin levels.

Mucuna 10:1 extract (40% L-dopa) 200mg: This traditional Ayurvedic plant is high in L-dopa, a natural precursor to dopamine, one of our feel-good neurotransmitters.

Lemon Balm 10:1, 100mg + Lemon Myrtle: These powerful and tasty aromatics help loosen stuck tension in the body and spirit, relaxing and uplifting us.

Rhodiola 4:1 extract 100mg: Perhaps the most studied and effective adaptogen for elevating mood.

Full Ingredient List: 
Cacao*, chicory*, burdock*, lemon myrtle*, fig*, shatavari*, grains of paradise, dandelion*, he shou wu*, codonopsis*, lemon balm 10:1 extract, mucuna 10:1 extract (40% L-dopa), cinnamon*, eleuthero*, rhodiola 4:1 extract*, helichrysum*, sceletium tortuosum extract (Zembrin®), <1% malto and cassava dextrin

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