A Calm Start to A New Year

A Calm Start to A New Year

Calm creators Ben (our Clinical Herbalist) and Lopa (our CEO), settle in to reflect on the decedent, nourishing herbs that make up our chillest new tonic.  

What sets Calm apart? Play the video and find out:

  • Why Calm won’t make you pee in the middle of the night 😜
  • The difference between Yin vs Yang energy
  • The country we source our vanilla from (it’s not one of the usual suspects!) & why the company we source it from is so special
  • The voodoo magic Ben does to create incredible formulas time and again (kidding, it’s not voodoo...but it sure is magic!) 


Come home to your body

Click below to listen to our soothing playlist, then float on over to our blog for more on Calm’s timeless formula.

Rasa’s CALM playlist 

All Hail Ashwagandha: the whimsical superstar herb in CALM

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