Joy Tonic Moscow Mule

Joy Tonic Moscow Mule

This gingery tonic with a citrus twist feels like biking through groves of wind-swept lime trees: pure joy.

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  • 8 oz Super Happy Sunshine, brewed double-strong (bring on the lemon-balm!)
  • 1.5 oz Moscow Mule cocktail syrup (what’s that you say? It’s a phenom combo of fresh ginger, cane sugar and lime juice—aka, Big Yum.)
  • Ice (use double–strong brewed Rasa to make Rasa Cubes!)
  • Optional: 2 oz vodka (get sassy with it!) or try adding Euphoria & Mucuna for an extra–joyful boost.

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How To Make It

  1. Pour ingredients over ice in a shaker vessel of your choosing.
  2. Shake all ingredients with ice.
  3. Pour over more ice, drink in joy!

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