Smol is Beautiful (Reminder: We are also smol!)

Smol is Beautiful (Reminder: We are also smol!)

Smol is beautiful and we are smol, and this year has been really (really) hard for small businesses, and next year promises to be…even harder. 😬 We are likely to see a lot of small businesses perishing, and so I fervently urge you—whether you shop Rasa or whether you shop elsewhere (or both!), please: shop small. (In many cases, it could actually make the difference between that business existing and not existing.)

We value giving you a transparent peek at our business, so pour yourself a cup o’ Rasa and cozy up for some Biz BTS!

I started Rasa in my kitchen, and though it doesn’t operate out of my kitchen anymore (THANK GOD), we had a multi-year stint in my garage, and now operate out of a co-working space in Boulder (which, by the way, we’re trying to rent out! We LOVE working here at Kiln but—see above reference to #collapsingeconomy, we’re trying to cut costs everywhere we can!)

Rasa by the Numbers

  • Projected revenue this year: $5.5M*
  • Projected profit this year: 0 (yes, it’s very possible, and in fact very *common—*especially for consumer product businesses—to operate at a loss for numerous years)
  • Total team: 7 Full-time, 2 Part-time. And we all have faces! And names! And feelings….so be kind, eh?? (I always feel particularly grumbly when people are unkind to our Customer Care team!)
    • Lopa: Founder & CEO
    • Ben LeVine: Co-founder & Chief Herbalist
    • Lenny: VP & Head of Marketing
    • Erik: General Manager
    • Ben Lovejoy: Creative Director
    • Theresa: Supply Chain Manager
    • Veronica: Customer Experience & Sales
    • Cheri: Customer Experience Associate
    • Amanda: Customer Experience Associate
    • And then let us not forget our contractors Chris (Customer Experience), Alex (Copywriting), Amy (Packaging Design), Xan (Photography), Courtney (Financial Controller), & Alicia (Accountant)

Just for context, our biggest competitor, whose name rhymes with…Schmudblotter…is likely about 10x our revenue. So…shop extra-smol!


Plant cells under a microscope.

The beauty of a plant cell under a microscope

Smol Mimics Nature

We’re into biomimicry here at Rasa, which sees nature as a model—studying and using nature’s models as inspiration for designs or processes with the goal of solving human problems. And from microorganisms to mycelia, smol makes the world go round in nature! This is one of the inspirations for us choosing community funding for Rasa instead of the “traditional” VC path.

And: sober moment here—a LOT of small businesses went out of business in the last year. Veronica, who manages our retailer accounts, said that over 1/3 of the stores that sold Rasa…closed, in the last year. It’s a tough environment out there, folks, and all signs point to the idea that it’s going to get tougher. Which is why:

  1. the world needs the stress-easing support of adaptogens more than ever, and
  2. Smol businesses need your support more than ever!




And finally, a smol wellness moment for you.
Savor Small Beauties
There’s a concept called “neuroception”, where our mind is constantly scanning our environment for things it registers as either pleasant or dangerous, to assess whether we feel safe and relaxed or on high alert. Wherever you’re sitting right now, allow your eyes to soften, and gently open your peripheral vision. Notice what registers in your mind as pleasant or beautiful, and then let your gaze focus on that. It’s ok if it’s not something you’d “normally” think is beautiful! Just go where your eyes are naturally drawn, and notice and appreciate the object’s color, texture, shape, how it fills space. Let yourself really immerse in its beauty for a few breaths.