Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Empower Mom with a New Tradition (and Enjoy 20% Off!)
Looking for a Mother’s Day gift that will genuinely energize Mom? Our blends combine ancient plant medicine with modern science to create blends that nourish and heal (like a mom).

Blends on Blends on Blends

Did we mention our team loves the snark? Our office and team Slack are basically snark-town. 😬 We’re keeping them anonymous so people don’t feel aTtAcKeD.


“For your friend, uncle, or boss who insists they are a purist

“For your wellness friend who’s always subtly trying to out-wellness you. Check out THESE ingredients, yo.”

“For my friend that keeps choking down ‘healthy stuff’ and maybe wants something tasty to drink for once.”

“For my friend who’s always joking about how many jars of adaptogen powders they have. Here, you can get rid of like 10 of them now.”



“I’d give cacao to everybody!” Our most widely-loved blend, perfect for anyone who loves hot chocolate vibes.

“For my crystal loving, LA-vibes friend who loves both cacao and adaptogens—what’s better than those two together?”

“For my friend dying to go to a cacao ceremony in the jungle in Peru. More affordable, thanks.”



“For my parents because they drink coffee every day and think its the greatest”

“For my coffee-loving friend who keeps saying she needs to cut back but then finds her self back in coffee’s bed like the ex-lover that doesn’t respect her and she knows isn’t the healthiest for her but she just can’t quit bc the sex is so good”

“For my other coffee-loving friend who’s like ‘I LOVE COFFEE COFFEE IS THE BEST AND IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY CRAPPY SLEEP OR HOW OFTEN I SNAP AT MY KIDS DON'T TOUCH MY HOT BROWN STUFF.’ Um. How about this hot brown stuff, instead?”



“For my ultrarunner friend because he fuels with sugar and gatorade”

“For my autoimmune friends”

“For the entrepreneurs, night shift workers, and those who need an extra energy boost”

“For all the super Type-A people in my life who are hyped up on biohacking and crypto.”



“For everyone in my life who obsessively talks about how poorly they slept the night before”

“For my high-strung aunt”

“I told my friend to get it for her micro-managing boss 😬 ”


Super Happy Sunshine

“I’d give Super Happy Sunshine to my neighbors, ‘cause I’ve heard the raised voices...”

“For my friend who life just hasn’t been very nice to lately.”

“For my other friend who seems kinda content on being miserable. Stop complaining and drink this please kthxbai”


Brew Tools to School the Fools

We get it, some of your friends don’t have what it takes to brew Rasa. And this is the perfect opportunity for you to help them out! Big sales are the best time to grab a press, mug or spoon for those brew-challenged folks in your orbit who are still wondering if you can brew Rasa in homemade tea bags (which you can, technically, but these presses sure make it a lot easier).


The Rasa French Press

We've produced our first, very own,
plant-adorned, bamboo topped,
french press with double-walled glass
to keep that Rasa hot, hot, hot.


Barista French Press

The perfect French Press for one cup (ish) of Rasa. Well, if you want to be technical about it, this mini French Press brews 1.5 cups (12oz) of Rasa for those one-mug-of-Rasa-at-a-time folks. Made of stainless steel and borosilicate glass, and featuring a fine mesh stainless steel filter to keep grounds separate from your brew. Available in copper, teal, steel, and black, just add your favorite Rasa blend and you’ll be sipping on a cup of ”I can do this” in no time. 🤌☕️😁


Eco-friendly Press

Brew up enough Rasa to share with a friend. The base of this 34 fl. oz borosilicate glass and bamboo french press has a removable cork base that easily comes off for cleaning. The wood lid is made from renewable bamboo. Wash the lid and the base by hand for a long life. The wood top will age naturally, and change its color over time. It is not artificially stained or varnished to ensure it remains food safe.


Most Beautiful Moka Pot

Amazingly fast, fully extracted Rasa?!? Yass please. Moka pots use pressure to pull the liquid up through the chamber, and that pressure makes all the difference in brewing time. Think of it like a pressure cooker for your morning ritual. Features a heat-resistant rubber handle that looks like purdy wood but isn't. #magic (you wouldn't want it to be wood anyway, cuz it would burrrrn your hand!) 😬🧯👎


But first, Rasa Mug

Ever brew up your Rasa and think… “what the heck am I going to put this in?!” We thought that might be the case, and we’re here to help. Our 15oz ceramic “But first, Rasa” mug is the perfect vessel to fill with your daily brew. It features a wooden top to keep your Rasa steamy (which can also serve as a coaster!) and a naturally textured base so your Rasa stays in there and doesn’t spill on your lap (ouch). Plus, you look pretty cool drinking out of it. 😎


Drink More Plants Tumbler

Keep your Rasa hot on the go! Our Drink More Plants Tumbler is both beautiful and functional, what more could we ask for? It keeps your Rasa hot or cold on the go and reminds us to connect to nature by drinking more plants. Available in teal and white, this everyday tumbler is made of medical-grade stainless steel, BPA-free, and cup holder compatible.


Travel Brew Bottle

Rasa to-go anyone? This ah-mazing to-go infuser keeps your drink hot AND cold. Making it a practical (and gorg!) addition to any household. 

Simply sprinkle your Rasa into the mesh basket, add hot water, and by the time you're ready to head out the door (aka ten-ish minutes later) your brew will be steeped and ready for you in a sleek, leak-proof thermos. So you won’t lose a drop of your tasty bevvie OR make a mess.


Lost? Confused? Just don’t want to decide?

Gift cards solve that problem, and good news—we’ve got ‘em! Then your recipient can pick out whatever they want, or even put a gift card towards a subscription.