How we're taking care of our team and you amidst COVID19

We are so grateful for you. It’s intense times like these that we’re all forced to realize how much we take for granted in our daily lives…and start to hold what is dear to us even more tenderly in our hearts.

Rasa remains in this for the long haul—our passion for the life-changing power of herb-fueled rituals will go on, inspired by the rich traditions that long precede us. We will continue to push the envelope to bring you the absolute best wellness support we possibly can. Resilience is the name of the game for the state of the world, and adaptogens are the resilience champions of the plant kingdom.

To that end, we are doing everything we can to protect our business, our team, & our customers —from the obvious basics like guzzling Rasa for stress & immune support, doing ludicrous amounts of hand-washing & isopropyl alcohol spraying & wearing sanitary gloves; to less-obvious necessities like installing a new bathroom to ensure our fulfillment team doesn’t need to enter a less-controlled area of the building, quarantining supplier packages for several days before opening, & making operational and schedule changes to ensure social distancing can be maintained in our fulfillment center.

And of course, working from home for all non-fulfillment team members.

Collective emotions are high. I know I’m scared about the state of the world, and the uncertainty-limbo we’re in together can be agonizing. We’ve woken up into a nightmare, with no idea when it will end.

But, I also see more people thinking both locally and globally than ever before. More people extending care and love in the form of isolation and hand-washing and gift cards to local businesses and ordering groceries for immunocompromised friends and strangers. I feel us more connected, even as we socially distance. Thank god for technology!

I see great challenges ahead, but I also see the awakening of tremendous compassion and innovation. In these uncharted territories, we get to—& are forced to—write new stories. The stress placed on so many of us points to places where society’s systems don’t extend full care to all, and I firmly believe this great necessity will birth great inventions.

In these stressful and uncertain times, self-care, compassion, and kindness have never been so important. These are the self-replenishing foundation for your resilience. Care for yourself allows you to better care for others.

We hope to offer you welcome distractions, plus our regularly-scheduled programming of actionable wellness information.

When we asked how we could best be of service right now, you told us you still wanted to hear from us, so we will try to keep in touch as much as we can. And as always, feel free to dm us on Instagram, and send any questions and thoughts to

With 💛,
Lopa & Team Rasa