This is How You Brew It (Rasa)

how to brew rasa coffee alternative

Use 1 tbsp (7.5 g) per 8 oz (1c) boiling water.

(more if you like your Rasa strong!)

All you really need to brew Rasa is:

💧 Boiling Water  +  Time  +  A Way to Strain The Herbs 🌿

This can be anything from a mason jar + strainer to a drip machine to a pot on the stove + a wire colander, & many things in between! There are some exceptions: Café Rasa, Classic Rasa, and Magnificient Mushrooms.

Brewing our instant blends and Magnificent Mushroom boost:

💧 Boiling Water + Your Favorite Instant

These blends are just-add-water, baby! Add to your cup or glass, pour in some hot or cold water (yup, your choice), give  a lil’ stir, and voilà…you’ll have a deliciously hot (or cold) bev.

🍄 Add 1/2 a teaspoon of Magnificent Mushrooms to anything (ok, almost anything)

This mushroom blend is meant to be used in your favorite drinks (or soups, or salad dressings, or whatever your genius mind can think up!). Therefore, add it to your Rasa (or whatever you’re brewing up) just before adding liquid.

Top 5 Recommended Brewing Methods:

1. FRENCH PRESS: 10-15+ minute brew time. Most presses keep it plenty hot, but if you enjoy extra-hot beverages, you can cover your French press with a dish towel to keep the heat in. 

2. PERCOLATOR: All percolators are different, but generally they’ll switch to the warming setting when brewing’s done!

3. MOKA POT: (aka stovetop espresso/Cuban coffee): Use 1 tbsp per shot/latte (don't pack the bottom full!)

4. ESPRESSO MACHINE: Put 1 tbsp Rasa in portafilter, do not tamp, & pull a double-double. Yes, two double shots. All machines are a bit different—you may need to experiment to find the best way for your machine!

5. DRIP MACHINE: Add the herbs TO THE CARAFE, not to the filter. Turn the machine on & add the correct amount of water (8 oz per 1 Tbsp Rasa). Allow to brew in the carafe for 10-15 mins, then pour through any fine-mesh strainer into your mug. 

Re-Brew? Don’t Mind If I Do!
All the Rasas can be brewed a second time for better value. Just add a little fresh dry Rasa and brew longer for the 2nd round.

You can also brew Rasa with...

1. Aeropress: 10 minute brew time. Invert the Aeropress, press out the goods!

2. Keurig: With reusable K-cups! Use no more than 1.5 tbsp of Rasa & brew on strongest setting (ideally an espresso setting if you have one.) All machines are a bit different—you may need to experiment to find the best way for your machine! Many people also brew 2-3 times with the same herbs.

3. Turkish/Arabic coffee pot: Simmer for at least 10 mins and strain through a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth.

4. Tea infuser or reusable/disposable tea bag: Cover the pot or mug while it brews 10-15+ mins.

5. Pour over: ONLY use a pour over if you can control brew time! Otherwise you won't get a full extraction.

6. Simmering: Either place the herbs directly in a pot or into a brew bag for easy clean up. Add to boiling water, COVER THE POT, & simmer on med-low for 10-15 minutes. Strain the herbs or remove the brew bag, and drink up!

For Cold Rasa...

We don't recommend cold-brewing Rasa, unless you have our two just-add-water blends, Classic Rasa and Café Rasa. Our brewed blends, unlike coffee, have herbs that need some time in hot water to fully extract their goodness! If you'd like cold Rasa, you can either:

1. Brew double-strong & pour over ice.

2. Make Rasa cubes & pour regular-strength Rasa over Rasa cubes.

3. Make it in advance & chilllllll. You can also make a large batch to store in the fridge—it keeps for up to a week in a sealed container!