Coffee Alternatives

We’re here to transform the way we energize

with delicious, adaptogen-packed herbal coffee alternatives.

They’re so functional we call them superfunctional.

Clinical herbalist-formulated. Supports:

✔️ Sustained, nourishing energy
✔️ Decreased stress
✔️ Balanced mood
✔️ Nervous system health
✔️ Better sleep

Learn how to brew Rasa here.

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How It All Started

And So Rasa Was Born...

Pouring Rasa from a French press

“Lovely, but...obsessive...nit-picky...annoyingly ethical”

That’s the feedback we get from our supply chain about our Chief Herbalist & Co-Founder, Ben.

(Side note: we love him for being such a pain in the a**.)

Our perspective? If it’s going into the bodies of our fellow humans, it better be impeccable.

We believe in right relationship. From the soils that feed our herbs, to the humans who harvest our botanicals, to our in-house team who packs each box—we do things right, even when it’s hard.

1. Sustainable Sourcing

We source over 50 botanicals from 15 countries, with an obsessive focus on long-term ecosystem sustainability, potency, geoauthenticity, & safety.

For example: don’t see wildharvested chaga in our ingredients? ...that’s because it’s endangered.

2. Purity & Testing

We use a wide range of strategic testing at 3rd party labs for pesticides, heavy metals, sulfites, allergens, & microbial contaminants. We don’t use grains, fillers, or any of that crap.

Wanna dig deeper? Check out our Quality Control Notion page for test results & more:

Quality at Rasa

3. Social Responsibility

We buy fair-trade or direct trade, often paying better than fair trade prices.

And we develop close relationships with our suppliers around the world, building trust & friendship across our supply chain. #rightrelationship



Adaptogens are practically magical herbs that grow (and thrive!) in stressful environments. In short*, they help your body cope with stress by giving your body what it needs in the moment.

Exhausted? An adaptogenic herb will perk you up.
Wired as heck? That same adaptogenic herb will calm you down.

Yes, they really are that brilliant.

Adaptogens help you to freak out slower (& less intensely!), and recover faster in response to stress…all while increasing stress resilience overall.

They work via your endocrine and nervous systems to help you cope with stress better. Check out this fun graph from adaptogen scientist Alexander Panossian:

In Short: Take Adaptogens Regularly, Be More Awesome