Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Empower Mom with a New Tradition
Looking for a Mother’s Day gift that will genuinely energize Mom? Our blends combine ancient plant medicine with modern science that nourish and heal (like a mom).

Whether your mom is a fitness enthusiast needing post-workout recovery and vitality or loves to indulge in mood-boosting hot chocolate taste-alikes, or she wants to bask in the warmth of super happy sunshine vibes, our exclusive Mother’s Day gift guide is curated with every mom in mind!

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Give your mom a gift to create more magical mom moments and start new healthy traditions that will be cherished for generations.

For the mom who...

🧡 Vanilla 🧡 Ginger 🧡 Turmeric

Likes to move it, move it

ON SALE $39 $32 for 30 servings

❤️ Roasted Cacao ❤️ Ginger ❤️ Rose Petals

Wants to spice things up

ON SALE $39 $32 for 30 servings

💛 Lemon Balm 💛 Sceletium 💛 Rhodiola

Embraces every moment

ON SALE $39 $32 for 30 servings

❤️ Roasted Date Seed ❤️ Rhodiola Root ❤️ Cordyceps

On-the-go who needs a coffee-like, alternative

ON SALE $36 $29 for 12 servings

💙 Red Asian Ginseng Root 💙 Cordyceps 💙 60 mg Caffeine

Needs to get up and go

ON SALE $36 $29 for 12 servings

🤍 Roasted Date Seed 🤍 Roasted Cacao 🤍 Vanilla Bean

Needs a wind down after a day

ON SALE $50 $40 for 30 servings

💛 9 Blends 💛 32 Servings 💛 Plant-powered energy


ON SALE $45 $36 for 32 servings

💛 Natural Energy 💛 4 Blends 💛 Free French Press

Wants to kick the caffeine

ON SALE $40 $32 for 32 servings

💛 No Plastic 💛 Double-Walled 💛 Super Hot Rasa

Wants to brew up Rasa in Style

ON SALE $30 $24 for 1000 mL

If you are an expecting or breastfeeding mom and are considering consuming Rasa blends, we are here to help you navigate what’s best for you and your little one. Discover the safety of consuming Rasa blends during pregnancy and nursing by exploring insight from our herb master and our co-founder’s real mom experience. As with most things, we encourage you to always tune in to your body and your baby; they might have the answer you are looking for! Read more about safe consumption of Rasa.





Adaptogens are a class of herbs that help the body adapt to and defend against the toxic effects of stress: they are nature's antidote to stress. They work systematically in the body to balance, restore, and protect. So when you're experiencing less stress, your body functions better—better sleep, digestion, libido…you get the gist. These herbs survived the Ice Age and still live in some of the harshest conditions around the world: they've learned to be resilient in the face of stress and thrive. In turn, they can help us do the same.In short: we like to say adaptogens help you human better.While adaptogens are a powerful group of herbs, they must be consumed consistently and in functional doses for long-term stress support. That's why we're proud to be herbalist-formulated to ensure the highest quality of herbs, sound formulation, and efficacy! Learn more about the history and science behind adaptogens (yeah, we wrote a whole 25+ page guide!)

In the case of Café, yes, it does! And the other herbs in the blend add a sweet roundness that may actually have you liking this way more than your regular cup.While you may not mistake our other blends for coffee, they all have their own unique flavors. For example, Super Happy Sunshine is a lemony drink of (you guessed it) sunshine; Spicy Rose tastes like spicy, gingery chocolate; Calm has creamy notes of date and vanilla. We have ensured that each of our blends has unique flavors and ingredients, meaning there is something for everyone. Have questions about a specific blend? Send us an email at and we’re happy to help!

Heck no. We spent years developing this process to avoid that, and to ensure it is as smooth, rich, and roasty as a cup of coffee. Rasa dissolves beautifully in your cup!

Besides Cafe and Classic Rasa, where all you need to do is add water, brewing Rasa requires a French press, or some way to brew your morning cup. If you have a French press, it’s this simple:
1. Boil water.
2. Add water & Rasa to French press (1 tbsp per 8 oz of water)
3. Wait 10-15 mins...or instead of just waiting there, because “a watched Rasa never brews,“ you can:
• meditate, dance
• meal prep
• clean your kitchen
• take a shower
• play with your pet unicorn
4. Pour. Sip.

If you don't have a French press, click here for alllll the recommended ways to brew.

Rasa was started by a mama who drank it during pregnancy & breastfeeding. However, while there is no scientific evidence saying the herbs in Rasa are unsafe for pregnancy and breastfeeding, there is also no evidence saying that they are safe, either—there's just not enough information either way.

Dozens of traditional herbalists, Chinese medicine practitioners, Ayurveda docs, and midwives support Rasa for pregnancy & breastfeeding, but listen to your body and your baby (& your own doc) to know what's best for your unique situation.

We don't recommend Calm during pregnancy—this blend are too strong for the sensitive ecosystem of the pregnant mother & baby.

For a longer explanation including Lopa's own thoughts on this topic, you can read this article.

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Bright & Delightful

I love every single Rasa item I have ever purchased! All of my friends I've referred love Rasa too! Thank you for your amazing products & the obvious care/quality you infuse them with.

Dinah, FL

Absolutely Love These Drinks

I love the smell and taste of coffee but I knew it was not good for my adrenals. I absolutely love the Dirty blend and it satisfies the coffee need. My other faves are the golden chai, the cacao, the calm, and the Joy. I'm going through a major life transition and I'm a single mom of 2 teens. Brewing these drinks for myself feels like an act of self care and self love.

Juli, CA

Made Quitting Coffee A Joy!

I have tried quitting coffee in the past and it was so difficult to do because I couldn't find anything I liked enough and was similar enough to take its place. I spoiled myself with this sampler pack so I could have fun with quitting coffee and I love it all. Now I don't feel like I'm giving anything up 😃

Chelsea, TN

Success Cold Turkey!

I decided to stop drinking coffee completely. I was super nervous because previous attempts left me with awful headaches. The options of low mg of caffeine I think helped make the transition less of a shock on my system. It's been 2 weeks zero coffee and such a difference in my afternoon energy. I always crashed when the kids came home, but now I have had the energy and patience to start shift two of my day, even after a long day working.

Brittany, VA

(Sip) Mmmmmmm! So good!

I love all the flavors. Some strong for when I need a wake up call in my mug and several softer smoother ones for cozy, slow down but warm up the insides joy! Thank you so much Rasa for making the choosing of your mug's contents so much fun!

Lilia, TX