1. INTEGRITY &                            2. DELIGHT &                           3. WELLNESS &                                 
                                      BALANCE                                  VITALITY 

For us, integrity means being       "Rasa", in essence, means.         I often joke that I aim
in alignment in both word             "to delight in existence." That       to "heal the world,  
and deed. We walk our talk in       sentiment—finding delight &       one adrenal at a 
everything from marketing             beauty in the littlest things          time." Health is truly  
to conflict resolution. Ensuring      that makes life most vibrant.       wealth & vitality is a 
our products are of the best          Rasa Koffee helps bring              symbol of the glow of 
quality we know how to offer         balance to your body & mind,     aliveness we can 
is an act of integrity to us.             & we also prioritize balance:       have at any age. 
                                                      work & rest, growth & ease, 
                                                      striving & allowing.


            4. SUSTAINABILITY &                                5. INNOVATION &
            HARMONY                                                   DISRUPTION

You've got to have your head under             Ah, the fun part. Creation through
            a rock to not know that our health                destruction. We see that in order to 
            depends on the health of the earth.             make way for the new, the old has got 
            At every stage of our business, from.          to give a little. We pride ourselves on 
            sourcing (especially chaga!), to pack-         innovating new products that meet 
            aging, to how and what we market,             the evolving needs of an evolving 
            we choose earth first, especially when        species, and have the potential
            it's not easy. Harmony with earth =.             to disrupt behemoth industries and
            harmony with ourselves. We also prior-       daily habits that we take for granted—
           -itize harmony in relationships & prac-         replacing them with life-giving
            tice Conscious Leadership & Non-              alternatives. 
            Violent Communication in all we do.

Beauty is Important