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Celebrating Small (but mighty!) Business Saturday
We are a small business. Not tiny, not a one-woman show (by any means!) but we’re also not big enough to have 24 hour customer service. Speaking of 24/7 support (and how we don’t have it)...
Gateway to Gratitude: A Guided Meditation with Lopa

No matter how this year has been for you personally, it might be that gratitude is a little, ahem, further under the surface than usual. This 8 minute mini-meditation is an easy gateway into the love and happiness that are inherent within, no matter your current mood.

Elderberry Bear: Our Autumnal Playlist

Rasa’s Autumnal playlist is Called Elderberry Bear — a nod to the themes of our Elderberry Boost launch, and the way the herb shows up as a magical force in folklore, fairytales, and ancient herbal wisdom.

Monthly Love Letter - October 2020

Through heartbreak and laughter, we just keep going; greeting the sun with each new day. Here’s what’s healing us, making us quake with irreverent laughter, and humbling us as we move forward, step-by-step.

Say what? Elderberry tonic can do *that*?

Our Clinical Herbalist sits down with Lopa to discuss all things Elderberry!
- Elderberry’s amazing properties (hot damn they are impressive!)
- The deal with “fake” elderberry & real elderberry, plus how we source and quality control to deliver high-potency extracts & herbs (we are obsessive!)
- Why we super-duper need adaptogens in 2020

What the heck’s in Elderberry Boost?

Elderberry Boost is a full-bodied blend to build & maintain a resilient, adaptive immune system. This blend supports the many pathways through which immunity protects us; a potent mix of circulatory stimulants and aromatics complete this powerful tonic.

What the heck are adaptogens?

Adaptogens are a unique class of herbs that have been scientifically proven to help the body adapt to stress of all kinds, physical, emotional and environmental. They both enhance the body’s response to stress and minimize the damage caused by stress. How does this translate to how you feel?

Creating a different relationship with uncertainty & taking care of each other

As we near the change of seasons, uncertainty and anxiety loom in the air. “How bad will COVID be this winter?”, “Will we ever be an equitable society?”, and even “Will there be a civil war?”. These are all valid, and concerning, questions. It's an exceptionally uncertain time. That said. Is life ever actually certain?

Elderberry and Cytokine Storms

Elderberry is flying off the shelves and it’s also the center of a debate around cytokine storms. What started as a nuanced post by a fellow herbalist has turned into reductionist and extrapolative soundbites and memes. Can elderberry provoke a cytokine storm? The short answer: it’s highly unlikely.

What do boundaries have to do with immunity? Everything.

Immunity is a particularly important expression of boundaries. It is the physical interface between what’s in here and what’s out there; what’s me and what’s not me. If we want to remain centered and strong this winter, a resilient immune system is key.

Monthly Love Letter - September 2020

A curated monthly love letter by the Rasa Team featuring ways we're experiencing beauty this month.

Labor Day is about deep energy, not sales
Hey Hey Rasa Fam I’m Viv, the Editorial Director here at Rasa. You’ve never heard from me directly before, but I wanted to pop in...
Iced Mocha

A refreshing iced mocha free of dairy and refined sugar. Our go-to chocolate-y bevv for a hot Summer day.

Monthly Love Letter - August 2020

A curated monthly love letter by the Rasa Team featuring ways we're experiencing beauty this month.

Joy Tonic Moscow Mule

This gingery tonic with a citrus twist feels like biking through groves of wind-swept lime trees: pure joy. A healthy Moscow Mule with an herbal twist!

The “Super” in Super Happy Sunshine: Herbal Education on Sceletium with Rasa’s Clinical Herbalist, Ben LeVine
“A small plant found on the great mountains growing out of crevices in the rocks. It is chewed by Bushmen, and gives strength to their...
Why We Made Super Happy Sunshine Joy Tonic
Joy has been a little, well, hard to pin down this Summer. There’s been a wide, cacophonous arc of heartache these past few months. Everything...
How to Create Joy Today: 3 Tips for a Happy Life

Little moments of joy are often the first thing to go when we're stressed, anxious, or in a crisis. Yet allowing ourselves a moment of joy creates a respite that makes us more resilient. Here are 3 simple ways to infuse your days with more fun and joy.

Simple Summer Solstice Ritual
In Sanskrit, there is a word for the “place between”: sandhi. Sandhi is acknowledged as sacred, and can even be an access point—to higher consciousness,...
We are in this for the movement, not the moment. Rasa's commitments to being a part of the work to reform systemic racism within our selves, our company, our industry, and the world in which we operate.
Rasa Bold: all your questions answered!

We answered all your most burning Rasa questions!