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Banana Cacao Rasa Date Smoothie

Pregnancy does things to a gal. For me, it made me combine coffee, bananas, and smoothies. Take a look at the recipe and the results!

Ashwagandha: The “Calm Energy” King 😌
The powerful adaptogen Ashwagandha strikes a unique balance: it is calming yet revitalizing, and libido-boosting without being too “over stimulating.”
Rasa Coco Mocha
Today's recipe is inspired by one of our Instagram followers, a ketogenesis enthusiast who regularly makes a Rasa concoction just like this one.
Cinnamon Rose Latte

Like herbal drinks? Like lattes? Holistic nutritionist Erika Elizabeth does, too. Check out how she's combined the two to make a powerful morning joe with a powerful adaptogenic twist.