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Cash Only: Why Coffee is Like a Credit Card

Coffee is like a credit card. You get something today that you pay for tomorrow (or in six months with hefty interest!)

Lopa's Top 6 Tips for Entrepreneurs

The fire of entrepreneurship is one of the most life-changing forces I’ve ever encountered. It will change, mold, refine, challenge, uplift, define, inspire, destroy, and remake you. Here I share the lessons I've learned so far.

Why Hot Water is Awesome for Extracting Adaptogens

Coffee tastes great and its main attraction (caffeine) is highly soluble in hot water. Can the same be said for adaptogens? Or are they best suited for standardized extracts sold in pill bottles?

Adaptogens + Adrenals = ❤️

Adaptogens can have a significant impact on how you handle stress. Read on to learn how and why they work, for an accessible dose of science with a dash of fun. 😃

Our Four Pillars of Quality

How do we ensure the tastiest, most nourishing cup of Rasa, while also doing right by the planet? Four pillars of quality hold up the Rasa Casa and inform our buying, formulating, and testing decisions.

NOT a Mother's Day Gift Guide

I look deranged in this photo because I am. Modern motherhood is deranging. It's taxing, overwhelming, depleting, exhausting, and altogether unsustainable. This is a "Free The Mom Manifesto." I’m calling an end to the tyranny of modern motherhood. It’s ACTUALLY impossible to be a perfect "Instagram mom". I may look like I have it together, but what you don’t see are the most important parts. We must LET MOMS BE, imperfect and flustered as we are.

Why an understaffed start-up sends an employee to China
How did a strong tradition of herbalism mesh with modern technology and urban sprawl? What about sustainability — how are we ensuring some of our most treasured plants don’t disappear overnight?
How To Work With Aphrodisiacs So They Actually Work
Have you ever had the experience of taking an aphrodisiac herb (or four) and feeling like nothing happened? You're not the only one! For years I thought that aphrodisiacs just didn't work on me...until I started to learn how to work with them.
Behind the Scenes of My Fall Equinox…
Come with me behind the scenes of my fall Equinox pre-party where I share what I'm inviting in (and letting go of) with the change in season.🍂
6 Steps to a Powerful Solstice
If you’d like to take an extra few minutes to honor this turning of time, here’s a simple ritual you can do to mark the day. For best results, go outside!